Tree-trimming time

Spreading, or prostrate, junipers live up to their name.  In fact, all junipers tend to spread as they are a very undisciplined species but spreading junipers raise it to an art form.  It may be possible to plant one in the middle of a football field and, in time, have it cover sideline to sideline, end zone to end zone.  After having my friend Doc help me clean up under and trim a juniper due east of 1911, a task in which we made use of Doc’s gas hedge trimmer, I decided it would be a good investment to have one of my own.  I’ve done some trimming with a hand trimmer, a thankless task if there ever was one, and a corded electric hedge trimmer.  Doc’s gas trimmer worked well when we could get it started and keep it running long enough to get something done.  That experience gave me the idea of exploring a cordless electric trimmer since it will be used infrequently and gas engines really need to be run periodically.  There are many cordless models on the market but I decided to stick with Stihl, which is the brand of most my other other equipment, such as edger, string trimmer and chainsaw. Continue reading “Tree-trimming time”

Christmas 2017

We celebrated Sophia’s birthday the day after Christmas.  There were yet more presents, which is right and proper.  I can’t remember what she got for her birthday.  Books I think.  And some nice cake.

Joyce and I made the drive to Garland on Christmas Day and were rewarded with an excellent dinner and then presents.  Kaylee has been learning to program the droid we gave her. Sophia has been learning to fly the Millenium Falcon drone and Vivian and I have been practicing on the guitar every day since Christmas.   These are just the presents we gave them.  Och!  So many presents. Continue reading “Christmas 2017”


Renee and Joyce

Friday we drove to Quitaque to visit Renee.  It had been about 18 months since we saw here last, in spite of promises to make the effort to visit more often both ways.  Although Renee has been in Amarillo a number of times in the interim, she was visiting an elder sister in poor health and that took up her time.

We took the scenic route to Quitaque which is SH 207 from Claude.  It goes down and through the Prairie Dog Fork of the Red River below Palo Duro Canyon State Park and is picturesque.  It also crosses Tule Canyon.  If you haven’t made that drive I recommend it.  There isn’t any significant time difference between that route and driving to Tulia and taking a left.  We left home about 8:30 and got home after dark.   Continue reading “Quitaque”

War between the states


A Rambling Reminiscence of Experiences During the Great War Between the States

by Jacob Harris Rockwell

Chapter I

More than half a century has rolled by since the beginning of the gigantic struggle.  It would be marvelous indeed for one to commit to memory, without erring in any of the incidents occurring in such varying experiences, and if I should err in any of the brief statements, I hope some comrade will kindly correct me so here goes for the first random shot.

I make no claim to a brilliant war record but, to me, there were many thrilling experiences.

On the 14th of June, 1861 I enlisted as a private soldier in a cavalry company of Missouri State Guards, commanded by Captain T.W. Cruse.  The company was know as the Salina Company Mounted Rifles.  I was enlisted for six months, and our first encounter with the Yankee army was at Booneville, Missouri on the 17th, three days after the enlisting period.  There was no worry waiting for action in a real war.  We were all raw recruits. The troops that we met were seasoned soldiers, well-armed and equipped.  We were pushed back, with small loss on either side.  This took place on the Lamine River.  The next morning, conceit run out of us, we took up the line of march south to meet General Sigel at Carthage, Missouri. Continue reading “War between the states”

Montye moon

OK, let’s just call it the Montye moon in honor of Mom’s 108th birthday.

It was a mild evening and Joyce and I had finished dinner when the super moon began to show above the tree line, ideal conditions and good subject for a little night photography. Continue reading “Montye moon”